“Dear Dr. Jain, I hope you are well. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to write to you and the following is the testimonial I wanted to share.”

“My life today is filled with heartfelt thanks to the wonderful work of Dr Rohit Jain with whom I’ve been treating for some months now. Uncontrolled diet led to my condition of GERD which did not improve, despite having consulted my GI doctor and taking numerous medications, resulting in me experiencing off and on indigestion, nauseousness, tiredness, sleepless nights due to heartburn / discomfort around the chest area, etc. Soon I also started developing constipation and piles or hemorrhoids.”

“The treatments that I took had little or no effect on my condition until after I consulted Dr. Rohit Jain – a very experienced, undeniably knowledgeable and easy to interact with doctor. Like many others, I never believed in the healing power of homeopathy (personally, the only fact that I knew of it was that my sister got completely cured of her sinuses – so I was under the impression that it’s only for sinuses), but it has far-reaching healing power than I could ever imagine especially under the guidance of such a good and experienced doctor like Dr. Rohit Jain.”

“The remedies worked, I feel a lot better now than when I first met him. Although my treatment is still ongoing, my condition has improved significantly and I am almost fully cured now.”

“I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Dr. Rohit Jain, again for all your selfless efforts in trying to understand my medical condition and in your faith (and uplifting mine too) that it can be cured with natural remedies. I also pray that the good Lord also bless you with more knowledge, strength and guide you through and through. May you also become a healer to many more that needs it through your powerful remedies.”

“To those still wondering if homeopathy really works, please learn from my experience. This testimonial is written solely based on my own experience with the healing power of homeopathy and most importantly the right doctor.”

– Mr. Lian Shoute
Delhi, India