Mr. Larry – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
“Dr. Rohit I am extremely pleased to tell you that your treatment is working very well on my body. All of my symptoms from all of my long-time ailments and diseases are beginning to rapidly fade away. The allergy headaches I experienced over a long number of years are beginning to rapidly fade away along with my ulcer and prostrate conditions.” “Before I met you, I had engaged in many various treatments from a wide number of Western, Chinese and other medical professionals, including all sorts of medicines and treatments off the internet. Words, candidly speaking, won’t express your God sent medical work, nor will words properly explain how grateful I am for what you have done for me. Thank you very much.” “Your work is far above excellent. You are like a ‘Miracle’ worker. Your work far exceeded my expectations. You need to be crowned a ‘World’ Doctor. The public spend so much money for all sorts of treatments in the United States, with countless numbers of Doctors, with poisonous pharmaceuticals, and yet, don’t know what they are doing. Countless people die each year across the world for wrong prescribed treatments and medications.”
Mr. Lian Shoute – Delhi, India

“Dear Dr. Jain, I hope you are well. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to write to you and the following is the testimonial I wanted to share.”

“My life today is filled with heartfelt thanks to the wonderful work of Dr Rohit Jain with whom I’ve been treating for some months now. Uncontrolled diet led to my condition of GERD which did not improve, despite having consulted my GI doctor and taking numerous medications, resulting in me experiencing off and on indigestion, nauseousness, tiredness, sleepless nights due to heartburn / discomfort around the chest area, etc. Soon I also started developing constipation and piles or hemorrhoids.”

“The treatments that I took had little or no effect on my condition until after I consulted Dr. Rohit Jain – a very experienced, undeniably knowledgeable and easy to interact with doctor. Like many others, I never believed in the healing power of homeopathy (personally, the only fact that I knew of it was that my sister got completely cured of her sinuses – so I was under the impression that it’s only for sinuses), but it has far-reaching healing power than I could ever imagine especially under the guidance of such a good and experienced doctor like Dr. Rohit Jain.”

“The remedies worked, I feel a lot better now than when I first met him. Although my treatment is still ongoing, my condition has improved significantly and I am almost fully cured now.”

“I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Dr. Rohit Jain, again for all your selfless efforts in trying to understand my medical condition and in your faith (and uplifting mine too) that it can be cured with natural remedies. I also pray that the good Lord also bless you with more knowledge, strength and guide you through and through. May you also become a healer to many more that needs it through your powerful remedies.”

“To those still wondering if homeopathy really works, please learn from my experience. This testimonial is written solely based on my own experience with the healing power of homeopathy and most importantly the right doctor.”

Mr. Rahul Singh – Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

“Sir, from last one year I have been diagnosed by my family doctor that I have genital warts and HPV on my penis. Sometimes there is itching and pain. Also I have pain in the testes. Constipation is also problem which bothers me frequently.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “I started your treatment regarding the Genital Warts and HPV Virus. As for now the feedback for last 40 days prescription is as follows : 1. Presently there are NO VISIBLE Genital Warts. 2. I feel itching at very very rare times, inside and outside the Penis; sometimes with a pin point pain. But overall it is much less than before I started your homeopathic medicines. 3. Coming to the constipation and digestion it has improved as compared to before condition. 4. Tongue is still coated but needs less times to clean compared to before (better than before).”

Mr. Raj Misra – Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

“I am suffering from anal fistula which discharges yellow pus with foul smell and soils my under garments. This started one year back with an anal absess which bursted itself and then was dried up with allopathy medicine. At times moist skin around rectum makes a very uncomfortable situation. I am already having high BP for which I take allopathy medicine Amlopres AT.”

Review after 15 days of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit the pus discharge from the fistula has reduced up to 60 to 65% and also my itching in the rectum area.”

Review after 5 months of treatment: “I have sucessfully completed the remedies which you suggested. The discharge is more or less around 10-15% only. Please suggest me next course of action. May be the alteration of power of medicine or any thing you think better.”

Mr. Errol Augustus – Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia

“I have been suffering from sever cough for the last 12 months or more. This cough is persistent and contains clear sputum, no coloured phelm. The cough is worse after a sleep; along with the cough I also have a runny nose. On a typical day I may fill upto 3 cups of clear sputem. After a meal or even a snack within minutes, I would cough for a while and all the time it is clear sputem. Due to the cough I have pain in my ribs and chest. This cough is very embarassing, especially in company of people; it sounds very unhealthy; especially since I have to find a place to spit out the sputum.”

“Following are the tests I had undergone. Respiratiory – Normal, Chest X-ray – Normal, CT Scan – Normal, Barium swallow – Normal.”

“There are no reflux symptoms. I have taken numerous courses of antibiotics and have also tried the different cough syrups that are in the market, but to no avail. I am a very moderate smoker; may smoke at social functions only. In the last year I have seen specialists and GPs but no joy. This seems my last hope. Please help.”

Review after 11 days of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit, its just 11 days now since I started the treatment, and I am very pleased to say that there has been an improvement of 40%, i.e. still 60% to go. This is the first time in months I am having some peace with my cough. Cough reduced by 40%; it is now occuring mainly after a sleep and meal. Profuse clear sputum reduced by 40%; still a few bubbles in the sputum. Pain in the ribs and chest reduced by 60%. Thank you, once again.”

Mr. Madan Kumar – Delhi, India

“I work as a site electrical engineer. I have been suffering from piles for the last 2 years and took treatment from many well known doctors of Delhi but with no relief at all.”

“Getting frustrated and surgery as the only option I serched for an alternative on internet and thus came in contact with Dr. Rohit Jain. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“I never used to believe in homeopathy but his well-selected remedies healed me like magic and now I am feeling very healthy free from my piles (hemorrhoids) problem.”

“Most importantly I found the treatment value for money.”

Mr. Giovanni Cantalupo – Dubai, UAE

“I am having sciatica pain controlled somewhat with different anti-inflammatory medications. I am somewhat enduring all sensations and problems with great patience and as can be imagined with great mental anguish.”

“Three years ago I had a problem with simple walking. Several attempts with phiysio together with conventional allopathy medicine including pain killers showed no improvement. I got an MRI done. Being in Dubai I have of course thought that I was in hands of experts only to find that they were making money out of me. The first operation was a disaster. This was performed by what I would call a butcher. The second operation which followed within a couple of weeks to correct the faults of the first one release a bit of my pressurized nerve in the right leg. But in truth none of these two operatios could release me from the sufferings. Since then I have followed many alternative remedies and exercise regimens without any help.”

“Now the condition has worsened and I have trouble even sitting or resting for a little longer than necessary; I should be on the move all the time. The only condion that reduces the trouble is swimming for a short while and not frequently tepid or hot water. Cold water seems to aggravate the situation.”

Review after 5 days of treatment: “Dear doctor Rohit, first ineed I extend my good wishes for a happy new year. May God bless you for all the good things you are doing. It is now the 5th day since I have started taking the medicine prescribed by you and I am taking strictly as directed by you. I must tell you that I have given up all the other herbal and allopathic things I was taking and I am only relying on your sent homeopathic medicine. Thanks to God and thanks to your efforts I must report to you that I am experiencing a definite improvement.”

Ms. Mary – Bakersfield, California, USA

“I couldn’t wait to tell you that my ulcer and sinus and allergy symptoms are gradually beginning to fade-away as the days go by. I am truely feeling like my “old” self again. Sinus headaches and sinus symptoms are amongst the worse symptoms that one can have. I have suffered for approximately 16 years with sinus and allergy conditions. The western medical practioners or allopaths claim that there is no “real” cure for allergies once you get them. And the pharmaceutical companies are selling medicines that can, in effect, make one become even sicker. I don’t feel that my various symptoms are going to come back again as they did earlier after I commenced the first round of medicines I acquired from you a month ago. Thank you.”

Mr. Evon Cook – Erwinville, Louisiana, USA

“I am thankful for you and the avaliability of this kind of help through your website. Your use of knowlwdge that you have acquired and providing access to you for help for persons like myself across the globe is awesome. You are a Blessing!”

Ms. Amal – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Vitiligo started about 5 years ago and affected both upper and lower limbs; it is scattered and size is 1-4 cm. There is no involvement of fingers or toes. I have tried steriod treatment, narrow band PUVA, but there is not much improvement.”

Review after 1 month of treatment: “Hi Dr. Rohit thanks for asking my progress; acutally I was about to write to you but I was so busy in the last few days. I did my best to be complaint with the medicines; I missed them, may be 2 times but not more.”

“I did not expect much change but last week I noticed that my skin has becomes slightly tanned in the areas of hypopigmentation; few spot of pigmentation here and there. Best regards.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Hello doctor Rohit, the hypopigmented areas are slightly getting darker. Thanks.”

Review after 3 months of treatment: “I believe I am responding to the remedies; the whitish spots getting darker gradually and I should say I am compliant in taking remedies on 5-6 days per week. Thanks again.”

Brother John S.G – Montfort School, Ashok Vihar, Delhi, India

“My Dear Dr. Ritu Jain, Thank you very much indeed for your kind remembrance in sending me a copy of your book – Defeat Joint Pains with Alternative Therapies including Homeopathy.”

“First of all my congratulations for the wonderful work you have done. A lot of research has gone into it. The meticulous and orderly way you have presented it, talks volume of your dedication and tenacity. It is a very great service to people, especially those who are not young any more. As you very correctly say, it will answer all the questions people wanted to ask, but did not know whom to go to.”

“The chornological way it is presented, the order of the different chapters, the very clear diagrams, the eye-catching way the symptoms are summarized as recapitulation etc. show the professional way you went about. The book will be an additional and useful part of the family assests.”

“I wish and pray that the purpose of presenting the book to the public is achieved. May God Bless you, your family and your co-workers.”

“I should be able to keep well with all your love and medical attention. Thank you for every thing you do for me.”

Mr. Doris – East Lansing, Michigan, USA

“Hello Dr. Rohit. I feel great and about as well as I have felt in years. A number of years ago my body started to succumb to various sorts of illnesses and diseases from out of the ‘blue’. If you name the treatments for my illnesses, I had practically all of them. I was treated by gasteronterologists, urologists, infectious disease doctors, accupuncturists, master chinese herbalists, bio-body, all sorts of different alternative medicine doctors, western medical doctors and countless of herbal medicines I acquired off the internet. But none of them came ‘close’ to your work. If you placed various homeopathic clinics in the U.S., you would ‘run’ many doctors and pharmaceutical companies out of business.”

Mr. Ateeque Ahmad – Lucknow, UP, India

“Fistula in ano for last 10 years. I also have severe constipation and the stools are very hard. There is a lot of gas especially after eating meals. My blood pressure also remains high.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit, as per your prescription dated 10.6.08. I have good relief in fistula and discharge. Sometimes little discharge of pus is there which is much less than before. Constipation is also better but in gases the relief is not that great. My B.P. is also now controlled and it is usually 130/84 or 135/88. Please advice me further treatment. Thanks.”

Mr. Rinchen – Wichita, Kansas, United States of America

“I have stomach ulcer. I have stomach problem may be for about 8 years now. It goes off and comes back again. I had many times allopathy treatments for ulcer. But it always came back. I have noticed spicy and oily food is the main cause of the problem. And also stress too causes the problem to recur. I don’t remember when I was without taking any medicines.”

“I get stomach ache most of the time, sometimes I resort to anti-acid or sometimes stonger allopathy medicines. Recently, I had 10 days treatment for ‘Helicobacter pylori’. But it’s not helping much. The pain is around the pit of the stomach and also I usually get pain when i go to bed, so am doubting ‘Esophageal ulcer’. In the past, I did take many times endoscopy, sometimes the result was gastric ulcer and sometimes peptic ulcer.”

“I used to take milk most of the time in the morrning for the past 3 months. After going through your website, I stopped taking milk.”

Review after 3 months of treatment: “I am done with the 40 days of 3rd and 4th month of the eight month treatment plan. I am doing good now but still I sometimes get pain towards afternoon and late night. I can feel the treatment is helping me a lot. This Friday, I am taking a anatomy scanning to check the progress of the treatment. I am hoping to see lots of improvement. Anyways, I will be continuing with the medication till the end of the treatment plan.”

Review after 4 months of treatment: “I received the medication for the 5th and 6th month. I got the stomach imaging test result and it’s just one past reflux. My doc told me that everything is fine. Thanks a lot for curing my ulcer.”

Mr. Murad Ismail Petkar – Salalah, Sultanat of Oman

“I am suffring from anal fistula for last one month. I was given antibiotics but they have not given me any relief.”

Review after 15 days of treatment: “I have sucessfully taken your remedies regulary. Now I have completed your first 15 days remedies; the pus discharging from fistula has reduced up to 60 percent and also rectum area is getting dry.”

“I am very thankful to your suggestions and co-opretion; I am interested to take next course; please suggest me the next course and for how many months I have to continue the treatment; thanks, your respectfully.”

Review after 5 months of treatment: “Sir, this is about anal fistula treatment I have been taking; I will be soon finishing 5 month of treatment. I feel more relif now; rectum area is completely dry and pus discharging is completely stopped. Please send me the next treatment. I am very thankfull to all your support.”

Mr. Amit – Bangalore, India

“Hello Sir, Just wanted to brief you on my condition to help you send to me the medicines. I have great difficulty sleeping; following are my smptoms: Major gastric issues especially at night; rumbling in the stomach and a feeling of churning inside the stomach especially when I lie on my back. The urge to pass gas at night is very high. The stomach feels very full at night and I have the urge to pass motion. I pass motion at least 2- 3 times at night and have great difficulty to do so. At times I have to sit for 1 hour to pass motion as the stool doesn’t come out.”

“I cannot get a comfortable sleeping postion at night as I feel gas moving in my stomach all the time.”

“The urge to pass urine is high and I have to go to the bathroom very frequently at night (sometimes 8-10 times).”

“The mind at night is not relaxed and i feel a lot of anxiety and frustation and I keep turning around in bed. I feel my mind is active even after I have closed my eyes.”

“I believe what really happened was one day I had major problems sleeping (about 2 weeks back); I read a book and the whole night weird thoughts about the book were hauunting me and post which I got a little traumatised about sleeping. I am not sure if the trauma and anxiety are causing excessive gastric issues. I haven’t really been able to sleep for the last 4 days now and I believe the sleep phobia has started again.”

Review after one and half month of treatment: “Hello Sir, hope you are doing well; just thought I would update you on my condition to help you decide further course of treatment. Overall I feel my condition is much better. I had been taking the SOS insomnia once a day in the third week as I faced some difficulty in sleeping then.”

“The digestion\gastric issue are also better; however the urge to pass motion is still high especially at night. I am getting good sleep these days; however some days I do get up in the middle of the night for urination and then its difficult to get back to sleep.”

“The anxiety factor is also better.”

“Do kindly revert for any further questions or clarifications. I would request you to kindly send across the SOS insomnia again for emergencies.”

Mr. Suresh Prasad Ray – Vipul Facility Management Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana, India

“I am very happy with the homeopathic treatment which Dr. Rohit has given to my wife Sunita. She was suffering from ovarian cysts which were discovered by ultrasound on 28 June 2008. Immediately I started consulting Dr. Rohit.”

“She used to suffer from burning pain in lower abdomen off and on. Now every thing is fine and she is free from all symptoms she had previously like frequent urinary tract infections, dark pigmentation and acne on face.”

“Her latest ultrasound report done on 31 October 2008 reads – Both ovaries are visualized and are normal in size and echotexture. No ovarian cyst is seen on either side. No adnexal mass is seen.”

“I am very thankful to Dr. Rohit and wish that he continues his precious service to humanity.”

Ms. Shirina – Bayonne, NJ, United States of America

“I have gained 30 pounds in 7 years due to stressful marriage. I eat whenever I am stressed out. Also there is constipation with lots of flatulence. I feel bloated as if something is stuck on the inside. Sometimes its more like obstipation. I have a tendency to catch cold easily. The sleep is not so good and wake up easily.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “I am on my packet D. I have lost 10 pounds. But am looking to lose more. My constipation is better. Could it be the oral contraceptives that I am using that cause the costipation. Well Iam looking to lose at least 35 pounds. So is there a way to make the dose stronger and to speed up the weight loss.”

Ms. Lorena Duarte – Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America (USA)

“This is Lorena, I have hypothyroidsm. I can’t eat sugar, salt, flour, and grease, because this gives me a lot of problems. It swells up my body, and face. I gain weight, fatigue, depression, water retention. I have trouble to sleep, all the time is cold for me, and the cold weather I feel frozen. My face looks tired and sad, I have a sore throat all the time, my feet are always cold and dry, I am puffy down of my eyes, and I have cramps.”

“With milk, fruit, and egg yolk it’s happen the same in my body all I mentioned up next to this paragraph; this is for you to have an idea and how big is my problem. After eating food with salt, grease (deep fried), flour, and sugar, next day I feel the side effects on my body. I believe the medicine dose that my allopathy doctor has given does not work. I told all these problems to my Dr. and she said thats all she can do for me. I am still taking the pills ”synthroid” and going to the Dr. to check my blood once a year. This is like a routine, she is not curing me nor controling it. When I first got sick from hypothyroidsm it was terrible for me. I felt a sudden change in my life. I became an ugly woman, I was weighing around one hundred ninety pounds. Because at that time I did not know what foods were affecting my health. Every food that is not vegatables would do an affect on my body and not just in a physical way but inside of my self too. I am now 160 pounds and 5′ 5″ that is my height. My tongue is coated white. Its been two years not tasting pizza or humburger becouse it aggravates my problems. I am eating vegetables, chicken breast, shrimp, and sometime beef or fillet fish, all have to be boiled with no ingredient, one time a week I eat a dish of mexican food with all the ingredients. Is really hard doing this for myself, I wish to continue eating mexican food with all the ingredients but I can’t.”

“My urination is sparse and discolored. I never sweat, only in the sauna room. Most of the night I can’t sleep. I get a lot of saliva in my mouth. I can’t eat any type of ham nor cheese. I have cramps in my calfs (of the legs) and in the toes; I have this problem every 2 or 3 o’clock early morning, and when I drive my car, or when i go swiming, and the winter time too, those are the worse. The better is walking, and eating cactus. I forgot to tell you something more; my hair are falling down at an enormous speed, and I have lost sex drive. I am having varicose veins, my breast nipple hurt, and my heels hurt too. I have already taken a xray of my heels and the Dr. said that the heels are swollen.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Dr. Rohit the homeopathic medicines you sent me after analyzing my case history have starting to working. I can eat one good meal a day and the rest of the day just vegetables. My feet are less dry; they don’t crack or bleed anymore. My thoat still hurts but very little at sometimes. Also I have less bloating now. Sometimes I get cramps in my toes but for very short time. I am sleeping normally now. My feet are normal temperature and my heels don’t crack or bleed; they are just dry. The medicine is also working with my feet, cramps, loss of hair and, no more depression. I feel like I have more energy, better attitude, less hair loss. My sexual desire is improving.”

Ms. Sonal – St. Paul, Oregon, United States of America (USA)

“I have nasal polyps. I went through surgery twice but it has not helped. I have difficulty breathing especially at night. In the morning I wake up with lot of mucus. I have this problem for the last 14 years. I am going to an allergy specialist for a year but it has not helped much. I have lost sense of smell. I am really fed up. I am taking decongestant everyday. I do nasal rinse daily and also use nasal spray. Please let me know if this can be cured.”

“I also have post nasal drip. Also I have a lot phlegm which is yellow in color and more in the morning. Sudden changes in temprature make my problem worse. Also I have vitiligo which started when I was 29. Vitiligo started as a spot on my right upper breast. Then got bigger to about 6″. It extended to my lower neckline on right side.”

“I am also suffering from sinusitis since 25yrs old. Started as hay fever. I would sneeze a lot when I got up or there was change in temperature. Progressed to sinusitis. Used to get frequent sinus infection and would go through antibiotic every 3 months. Underwent nasal polyps surgery at 35yrs and 44yrs. Since the last 5 yrs have moved to another state where life is quiet and peaceful. Am much better with allergy but polyps problem is still there. I cannot breathe at night due to which I frequently get up at 4 am. I am still getting sinus infection though less frequently.”

“With cold drinks my nose right away gets so stuffed that I cannot breathe. My voice has changed to nasal voice and most of the time I cannot smell. Sudden change in temperature I start sneezing. I start sneezing if i get wet in rain. If I walk barefoot on cold floor. I wear socks all day long.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Dr. Rohit my polyps are much better now. Some days I see yellow mucus in the morning. It is deep yellow to light yellow and sometimes it is like viscous lump sometimes mucusy discharge. Sense of smell is improving. I can smell some things like fresh coriander, cooked food and so on. Vitiligo, do not see any changes though have not seen new spots. Surprisingly I am not catching cold easily. I have tenderness in breast few days before periods. Post nasal drip is still there. Dark circles not getting any darker. Somedays they seem lighter.”

Mr. Ninan – Richardson, Texas, United States of America (USA)

“I have neurofibromatosis; the tumors are all above my breast. Most of them are on the throat below the ear, some on the face, behind the ears. There are some on both hands between the wrist and the elbow. They are all soft to touch. My father had 2 or 3 but I have much more. They first started appearing about 20 years ago. Don’t remember exactly since initially ignored it completely.” “Completed 2 years taking homeopathy medicines from Dr. Batras clinic. No improvement. Few tumors have come even during treatment. Doctor there says this is genetic. Cannot be cured. Only controlled. I also suffer from frequent urinary tract infections. This also started at least 15 or 20 years ago. When an attack comes, I go to a doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic and after taking it for 10 days it will stop. Then it will happen again after some time. The sysmptoms are like this – I will get a burning sensation when I pass urine. There will be pus like white discharge along with the urine. When the infection sets in there will be high fever also.”

Review after 4 months of treatment: “I started on Packet C last week and thanks for the reminder to send the feedback on the pouch. The small tumors seem to be shrinking but have not gone completely. The big ones stay as they were. There has been no increase in number or size of tumors since I started your treatment. UTI (urinary tract infection) hasn’t recurred.”

Ms. Charulata – Fremont, California, United States of America (USA)

“Rheumatoid Arthiritis diagnosed in the year 1996. Started as a sudden pain and inflammation in the right knee when I was twelve years old (1992). Ignoring it as minor problem, then pain returned in 1994 in the left knee and for few days I was unable to walk and had to take the prescribed medication. AIIMS doctors diagoned it as Juvenile arthiritis with multiple joints involved. In year 1996, AIIMS doctors confirmed that its rhumatoid arthiritis with RA+ and ANA+ results. I started taking medications prescibed by AIIMS doctots but there were side effects like hunger loss, stomach upset etc. In 1998,I faced severe pains all over my body – shoulders, face, fingers, toes etc. One renowed doctor prescribed a medicine which had sulphur and it caused severe itching all over my body. Had to be admitted in emergency and itching controlled by giving Avil. Though the itchy feeling (as if ants are moving on my body) still remains with me to this day. Continued with allopathy off and on.”

“The main complaints I am facing are swelling around both knees and on right foot. A month ago the problem got so severe that I could barely walk. I again went to a allopathy doctor here in US and he prescribed me non steroidal anti inflammatory medications which had side effects like dizziness, nausea and sleepiness. So I stopped taking them again after taking for three weeks. More so beacuse of the severe side effects that these medicines have in the long run. The problem of swelling (as if there is some fluid inside) has aggravated probably because I am overweight. I delivered a baby girl August 2008 by a C-section. The overall weight gain during pregnancy was 30 pounds but I gained 10 pounds more during these last ten months aftre delivery. I got all tests done – blood test ,urine test, thyroid test. All are normal except little bit of less hemoglobin. Recently got my eyes checked too because I had blurry vision and itchy eyes for long. Doctor told me I have dry eyes. So in brief, I would like to try homeopathy till I get cured. Main problems that I face are RA, overweight and dry itchy skin. Persistant rain, dampness, sometimes sweat, stress, tension about anything, not getting proper rest and sleep, exhaustion increases my symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Hello Dr. Rohit, sorry I am late in writing to you, but was very busy last one month. And so missed taking my medications for 15 days in between. I resumed taking it back from where I stopped a week ago. I am taking tube 9th and tube 10th right now and would take it for one more week before starting with 11th and 12th tube. I know I should not have been careless in completely forgetting the medicines for 15 days but I again resumed. As far as the feedback of the medicine is concerned…swelling below my right knee has greatly reduced and in the left knee too I see some change. Though the bag like structure has not completely gone but definitely there is improvement in swelling. I will be finished with medicines in say another 20 days…so I think the second lot of medinice could be sent. Also I feel improvement in all the symptoms related to RA.”

Mr. Sathya – Beaverton, Oregon, USA

“For the past 8 years I had fissure. January 2007 – I got it operated (Sphincteromy surgery done) and was fine for a year. Starting June 2007 – I got some irritations starting and I checked with the doctor in early stages but they could not diagnose what would be the problem. I controlled those by proper diet. June 2008 – Irritations started and doctor said I have a fistula and need to be operated. August 2008 – I consulted another doctor and he gave some Analphram ointment and it was doing ok. January 2009 – Due to relocation, job changes and stress I got an abscess with pain, fever and doctor cut the abcess to drain it. February 2009 – after draining completely and with no pain now, doctor said it is FISTULA and I have to operate it for permanant cure. March 2009 – I am thinking that operation is not a permanant cure and strongly belive that Homeopathy could cure without surgery.”

“Also my stools are hard. I get continuos sneezing, running nose and back side head pain like Sinusitis.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “Hello Dr.Rohit, First I would like to Thank you for your treatment and deep attention to my health problem. I have been taking your medicine very promptly with all precautions mentioned. My 40th day will be on this friday and I would like to update you my health status and proceed with your further advice and next steps. 40 days results: 1. Pus/Blood Discharge from the Abcess had stopped in 2-3 days starting the treatment and no discharge until now for 38 days. 2. Abcess opening is closed and Abcess size has become smaller. 3. No pain inside or while passing stool.”

Mr. Parimal – Daejeon City, South Korea

“Lichen planus on skin since last 2 yrs. ; consulted many dermatologists in India. Dermatologist in seoul korea diagnosed and gave treatment of topical injection. Relief but the problem again occurs after 10-15 days. Under his treatment since last 3 months. Affected skin area are red with inflammation. No pain. No itching. No secretion. With injection, the redness of lesions reduces and again comes back after 10-15 days.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “Dear sir, I am your patient under treatment for licken planus since 03 Aug 2009. After two months of taking medicine, the condition has improved more than 50%. But still there is some redness on the same old spots. NO new lesions with redness or inflammation.”

Mr. Nayeb Ali – Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Dear Dr. Rohit Jain, I am facing premature ejaculation since last 3 years and I have been married for last 3 years. Foreplay lasts 5-8 minutes, but as soon as intercourse starts I ejaculate within 25-40 seconds which is very frustrating for me as well as for my wife. I am now 35 years old. I am from Bangladesh.”

“Usually I have no other problem other than stated above. My penis erects fantasticaly. It is strong, long (5 inch); I am active in sex. But I am always scared that I will ejaculate prematurely and that kills me a lot. I have already tried a lot of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines. Waiting for your feedback.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “It was indeed inspiring getting reply and treatment from you. Thank you for your advise and wonderful treatment. I shall extend my treatment to 1 year payment plan. I shall consult with western union guy to send the further fee immediately.”

“With your remedies and also after reading some of the suggestions you wrote on your website to recover from the situation of premature ejaculation (i.e. Keggel exercise and better conversation with partner) I got a fantastic result. It is been few days since I am taking your remedies and following your suggestions and I found they worked. The intercourse lasted for upto 5 minutes.”

“I shall also want to pay seperately for my wife and 10 month old kid whom treatment I want to start with your wonderful remedies for all types of acute and chronic diseases. I want to have a long term relationship with you and also with your wife. I think our doctor-patient relationship will be successfull. Your successful treatment has inspired me a lot.”

Mr. Vito Rezza – Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

“I have a \”anal fistula\” but do not want to do surgery. I have some pus and discomfort, occasionally a little blood and leakage. One surgery on an anal abscess or my first fistula back in 1995. I have bad digestion; my stomach suffers from acid reflux often with certain foods. I have bad sleeping habits but that is due to my job which requires late nights. My weight currently is 220 pounds and I am approximately 6 feet tall. I had a very vigorous exercise regimen for years as I have practiced Martial Arts for some 35 years. Currently my energy levels are down.”

Review after 4 months of treatment: “It has been 4 months since I began your amazing homeopathy treatment and I have not renewed for more treatment as of yet. I would like to know from your experience if another 2 months worth of treatment would benefit my situation. My fistula has vastly improved by I’d say 80% but not completely cured. My sleep seems to be better and my digestion also. I’m grateful as there has been vast improvement all around.”

Mr. Shiladitya Mohapatra – Bhadrak, Orissa, India

“Lipomas : Upper arm, lower arm near armpits, hips, thighs, lower back upper to hips. The lipomas on thighs and lower back are sometimes causing pain.The largest one is on the upper arm. Its just like a nightmare which comes out suddenly and never dissolves. It feels very uncomfortable when someone asks about the lumps. I am emotionally very disappointed. No hopes for cure.”

Review after 2 months of treatment: “Sir, as you prescribed, I am continuing my medicines since last 40 days. The changes I feel due to the effect of the medicines are as follows:

1. The first thing I noticed is there is no new lipoma formed in last 40 days. 2. Some places in my lower back I used to feel a mild pain touching lipomas there before. But now I feel no pain anywhere on my body. 3. I’ve noticed that the small lipomas have shrinked a little in size, but not so much effect on the larger ones. They are still there. No lipoma is completely dissolved but getting smaller. They still persists on my body. 4. Psychologically I fell much better now; no nightmare of new lipomas since I am taking your medicines. I just want to be normal again.

Ms. Anamika Srivastava – New Delhi, India

“I had been suffering from an infectious skin disease called molluscum contagiousum since last year. I consulted 2-3 top skin specialists (dermatologists) but they all suggested me for laser surgery. According to their opinion, there is no permanent treatment of this disease in conventional medicine or allopathy. Therefore, I started looking for a good homeopathic doctor , which led to the contact number of Dr. Rohit Jain. He assured me that he will take only 8 months to cure it and it happened. All molluscum are removed within 8 months. I am very thankful to Dr. Rohit Jain.”

Mr. Kuljeet Singh – Manassas, VA, USA

“Hello Dr. Rohit Jain, how are you and how is everything? Everything is going well with me, today is day 36 of my medicine and I have seen some significant improvement in my Lipomas.”

“However, out of the 25 or 30 lipomas, there were 4 really big ones (I see a lot of improvement in those 4 – they have significantly decreased in size – they are on my rib cage and lower back). I don’t see much improvement on the ones on my arms (I have a lot on my arms – they are more visible to people). Maybe there is some difference but not as significant or as much as the ones on my rib cage and lower back. At least I don’t see it.”

“I have medicine until day 60, so please provide me with the next steps and let me know of what you think about this improvement.”

“I am really really really happy about the results and I really thank you for that – I don’t have words to thank you enough; all this time everyone told me that there is no cure for this and now after a long time I found you as my doctor, Thank You.”

“Please let me know if you have any questions.”

Mr. Nitin – Hicksville, NY, USA

“Dr. Rohit, 7 years ago I had chest surgery. I had puss in my right chest not in my lungs; after that I start sweating a lot. I sweat on my forehead (face) and on my back a lot, and armpits too but not that much. I feel heat in my body. I’m 26 and weigh 175 pounds. I don’t have a thyroid problem. I get nervous so easily like in a second and start sweating. I can’t talk to new people; I can’t go for interviews and my confidence level is zero. Actually I can’t work in pressure and it makes me sweat. When I drink caffiene my body heats up and then I start thinking I will sweat very soon and get nervous and the same with the cigarrettes.”

“Mentally I have no confidence. I am scared of everything. If I see new people I get scared and start sweating. Actually I feel all in my mind. I know I will sweat and that makes me a very weak personality and I don’t remember in this 7 years I ever impressed anybody. I get nervous for small things…like If I’m helping customer and couldn’t find anything than I start sweating and think what he will think. So basically whatever I do I always feel what other person thinks. I used to get angry or mad easily but from 2 years when I started gym my anger went down but no change in my sweating.”

Review after 37 days of treatment: “Hello Dr. Rohit, I am glad to inform you that I have seen some changes in my health after completing 37 days of your treatment. I think its almost 20% improvement in my health. I get less nervous and sweat less in public; still my body heats up but I feel its improving; but when I drink tea or smoke cigarettes sometime I sweat but I do feel its improved 10% in that area. So finally first time I see some changes in my health and I’m very happy. I just want to say thanks for your time and patience.”

Mr. Vaibhav – Bangalore, Karnataka, India

“Sir, last 2 weeks I have noticed some fat balls in my body; I have discussed this with doctors and as per them it is lipoma. Now I would like to have treatment for it.”

“Earlier I used to have a single lipoma but now I have numerous at 7 to 8 places and they are gowing in size also.”

Review after 35 days of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit, just to update you that my lipomas have completely gone and now I am taking last week medicine; if possible please send me the next lot of medicines.”

Mr. Khalid Javed – Manama, Bahrain

“Dr. Rohit I have a uretharal stricture but got operated in July 2009 in Jamia Hamdard, Hospital, New Delhi. But still my problem did not solved and it soon recurred. Now doing dialation by myself but I want to be cured of this problem. Now every 15-20 days I do dialatation. Now I am living simple life in Bahrain, no alcohol except cigarettes. After ejaculation of semen, my problems of stricture increase so I think It makes my problem worse. Good sleep, timely bowel movements and eating food less than diet makes me better.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “I started feeling better after 15 days treatment and urination was clear and smooth. It is still going on. When I ejaculated then I did not get pain like before. As I told you already that I have got done urethrotomy in June 2009 by Senior urologist Dr Kuldeep Singh (M.S., F.R.C.S.) at Jamia Hamdard Hospital, Tuglakabad, New Delhi. After surgery I still feel the pain on urination. Sir, finally I am feeling relaxed after starting your treatment. The urination flow is much better than before, but not feeling smooth flow yet like a normal man. Overall, I am feeling much more comfortable. I appreciates you for this treatment. Hopefully, the next treatment will also cure the mentioned complications.”

Review after 5 months of treatment: “Now I don’t get infection soon and no pain during urination and the flow is smooth. Really, your homeopathic medicine and treatment is miraculous and very effective. You know that I was hopelessed before your treatment but you have made me alive again. I would like to say you many many thanks!”

Review after 1 year of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit, Good morning, I am very glad to inform you that I am feeling absolutely fit now due to your appreciable treatment. I have taken treatment from you for almost 1 year continuously. Now I want to stop it and see the effects. Hope, I will not have to take it again by grace of almighty God. I am very thankful to you for your good co-operation and appreciable treatment and I wish that you may give your best treatment to all the needful / hopeless people always. I will remember you always!”

Mr. R. Chidambaram – Trivandrum, Kerala, India

“Dear Dr. Rohit my wife Meena Chidambaram is taking treatment for chronic renal failure from a local homeopath. But the present problem is ITP i.e. idiopathic thrombocytopenia since 6 months. Had subdural haematoma and that has been drained out. She is presently in the hospital. Platelet count is 95,000 now. Patient’s kidney problem is under control. Before the incident of SDH i.e. subdural haematoma her creatine was 4.5 and blood urea was 99.”

“She is aged 59 years married at the age of 28 years. No children. Had undergone hysterectomy at the age of 46 years due to severe continuous bleeding. Chronic kidney disease was detected in March 2009. At the time of detection creatine was 5.6 and. urea 170. Started homeopathy treatment in 2010 June and creatine and urea got reduced to 4.5 and 99. In January 2011 ITP i.e. idiopathic thrombocytopenia was detected with platelet count of 11000. Had undergone bone marrow tests for cancer and so on and finally diagnosed as ITP. Now on 2nd June 2011 there was severe headache and vomiting and when CT scan was taken it was diagonised as subdural hematoma or SDH. Platelet count at the time of admission was 18,000. Surgery was done on 5th and fluid has been drained out. After transfusion of platelet the count increased but over a period this has got reduced to very low critical levels.”

“She is not diabetic. At present she is taking allopathy medicine for hypertension Concor 1.25, Eletroxin 50 mg for thyroid, Shelcal 500 two tablets, Erythropoietin 5000 IU once in 10 days for maintaining the hemoglobin level. She has no edema and her hypertension is well maintained. No dialysis has been done till date. I seek your treatment in the matter.”

“Since she is CKD (chronic kidney disease) patient she is very careful in taking her foods like low potassium foods and so on if it is high in potassium such vegetables are leached before cooking. She drinks two cups of tea after cooling and no other soft drinks or beverages. She has been permitted to take about 1.5 ltrs of water including tea and so on.”

“Emotionally not very strong. Before the detection of CKD there was behavioural changes like anger, crying,shouting at people, loosing her temper and was upset whenever not being able to cope up with the tension at home front.”

Review after 45 days of treatment: “Since starting your treatment she has put on around 6 kgs and her weight is now 46.5 kgs. It is now more than 45 days since treatment was started for ITP disease of my wife Meena Chidambaram. I had her platelets checked today. By God’s grace and due to your medication it has now reached 60,000. Present medicines will last for another 12 days.You may please arrange to send the medicines. Thanks and regards, yours sincerely, Chidambaram.”

Review after 70 days of treatment: “Meena had her blood tested for routine nephrology check up. Her platelet count is now 93,000. Considerable improvement in 75 days. Thanking you, Regards, Chidambaram.”

Mr. Katušic Krešimir – Brdovec, Croatia

“Dear Sir, 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with narrowing of membranous urethra – URETHRAL STRICTURE – in length of 2.5 cm. As a cause of problem stated trauma from childhood (fall on frame of bike) or hereditary.”

“I always remember a thin stream of urine.”

“After unsuccessfull dilatation I made “urethrotomia internal”, but after 3 months situation was like before operation. Then I made dilatation again but without improvements. These last years until now difficulties were reflected in urination problems with burning and dysuria, frequent urination, sensitivity on inflammations, and decrease sexual potency.”

“Thanks in advance.”

Review after 35 days of treatment: “Hello Dr. Jain, I am taking your remedies regulary according to your instructions (today is 36th day), and may I say in general, I feel the improvement of state regarding urethral stricture.”

“This is reflecting in reduced dysuria during urination, improved bladder empting and reduced frequency of urination.”

“In one third of visits to the toilet improvement is significant, in second third improvement is good, and the state in third third is better than before.”

“I noticed that improvement is particularly marked in the days when I have taken an extra 10 globules (single dose) and more fluid. I think, just how did you say, the state is slightly better with every day. So I am satisfied and grateful to you.”

“Thank you for your attention and I greet you!”

Mr. Ronald Crickmore – Duesseldorf, Germany

“I have a urethral stricture after having an OP to reduce the prostate (BHP). I have had 3 operations to widen the urethra with intervals of 4, 5, and, to date 7 weeks with the stricture at the moment, getting worse. I have been told by the medical authorities that the stricture is rather long and is in more than one area.”

“The stricture is worsened by the formation of scar tissue forming after urethrostomy. I am sometimes depressed, brought about by this health problem and inclined to be ultra-sensitive to the actions and behaviour of other people. I am 79 kilos in weight and 1m 74 in height”

Review after 14 months of treatment:  “Hello Dr Rohit Jain, it is over one month now since my last course of final treatment for urethra stricture. I am pleased to say that the stricture problem appears to be contained in asmuch as it is now 14 months since the last corrective surgery. The situation is that there appears to be no positive restriction of the urethra. I would like to thank you for your help in this matter and wish you all good fortune for the future.”

Mr. Sandeep Dhamija – Houston, Texas, USA

“Pilonidal cyst, between buttocks; cysts occur often, severity varies month to month. Severe cysts occured in 2005 and 2010. During severe cysts the size of it is like a fist, takes 10 days to busrt and drain. Normal cysts cause minor pain and some times drains in 3-4 days and heal quickly.”

“I have been taking homeopathy since 1 year but do not know the composition of the medicine and I am not confident it is working correctly for me. Cysts frequently occur while using the homeopathy medicine.”

“Also what I commonly notice is whenever my stool is hard and when I apply pressure, more likely the cysts are developed. During passing of stool if I apply pressure, I can sense stool or some thing is passing into the area where pilonoidal cysts are deveoped; and definetly after this happens cysts develop.”

“Need your help in treating my case. I am living in America.”

Review after 3 months of treatment:  “Dear Dr. Rohit, I’m about to complete the first 4 months of prescriptions. Here is my feed back. Firstly thank you so much for paying attention in detail to my case and emails I have been sending you. All the case history is in this email chain below. I started using the medicines from Feb 2012, I got minor cysts in March on a weekly basis and the pus drained out, after that cysts re-occurred like every 20-30 days, but they are of low intensity in pain and the pus drained out every time with not much pain.”

“I think this is an improvement for me compared to suffering for 1 week with pain and on bed every time cyst occurred in the past before starting to use your medicine.”

“I am attaching the photos of the area comparing from Jan 2012 to May 2012. Please review for your analysis.”

“Please ask any questions you may have and advise me any change to the current medicine based on my feed back if necessary.”

“Also please advise for how long should I pay the fees for the next course. And I do want to use the medicine till I am completely healed.”

“As my medicines will be completely over in next 10 days, please reply so that I can pay the fees and medicines can be shipped for me to take without a break.”

“Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate your work!!!”

Ms. Lilian Villafuerte – Plumpton, NSW, Australia

“Dr. Rohit I am a keloid sufferer since my mid thirties. I have keloid on my chest ans breast for more than 20 years now. I have tried already all different treatment like crea, herbal, steroid injections, laser but still have the pain, itching and painful keloids without any change. In fact they are increasing in size and number. The keloids become worse during winters and by eating prawns and grapes.” “I also have high blood pressure, dyslipidemia. I do not have much thirst for water. I have allergy to prawns.”

Review after 2 months of treatment:  “Just to give you an update about my treatment. Treatment has been fantastic, noticed that my keloids are getting softer and less itchiness. So far I am very happy with the progress. Keloids are noticeably softened and there is smoothness of the skin.”

Review after 4 months of treatment:  “Hi Dr. Jain so far I am very happy with result of your wonderful remedies on my keloids. Most of my keloids have flattened by 30 percent. Do you think I should have another one full treatment.”