“Sir, from last one year I have been diagnosed by my family doctor that I have genital warts and HPV on my penis. Sometimes there is itching and pain. Also I have pain in the testes. Constipation is also problem which bothers me frequently.”

Review after 40 days of treatment: “I started your treatment regarding the Genital Warts and HPV Virus. As for now the feedback for last 40 days prescription is as follows : 1. Presently there are NO VISIBLE Genital Warts. 2. I feel itching at very very rare times, inside and outside the Penis; sometimes with a pin point pain. But overall it is much less than before I started your homeopathic medicines. 3. Coming to the constipation and digestion it has improved as compared to before condition. 4. Tongue is still coated but needs less times to clean compared to before (better than before).”

– Mr. Rahul Singh
Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India