This patient is a young female patient, 29 years of age. She came to me with complaints of breathlessness and weakness.

When investigation for breathlessness and weakness was done it was found that her haemoglobin was only 6 gm% which was very less.

When the cause of low haemoglobin was further investigated and more blood tests were done including KFT it was discovered that creatinine level was 5.99, urea 146, uric acid 4.64, ALP 177.

Apart from this, patient also complained of frequent cold and cough. Her immunity was too low. Her symptoms revealed that her sinuses were also affected, and I advised Xray PNS water view which revealed moderate maxillary sinusitis.

USG of KUB region was done which showed shrunken kidneys / atrophic kidneys. All the signs of chronic CKD were present.

Patient has also been suffering from hypothyroidism for last 10-12 years for which she is on 100 mcg Thyronorm every morning.

She also complained of frequency of urination at night, copious menses which remain for 7-8 days with clots.

The major problem started after painkiller abuse. The reason for painkiller abuse was around 8-10 months ago she got severe pain in knees and heels. She consulted an allopath; he prescribed her medicines for 15 days including painkillers plus multivitamins; a standard prescription.

She continued taking painkillers beyond the prescribed duration and without consultation. She abused the medicines on her own and the result was first her kidneys got affected and then kidneys failed.

As I always tell people that allopathic medicines harm the kidneys and liver, especially painkillers.

Apart from this patient has acidity, burning and reflux problem. She is very sensitive to cold. Patient has bone overgrowth in her right leg due to which she suffers from pain.

One more thing I want to explain here is that why anaemia happened due to kidney failure.

Apart from cleaning blood, kidneys have one more function that is synthesis of hemopoietin hormone which is also known as EPO. This hormone stimulates the bone marrow to produce RBCs.

Now because kidneys have failed the production of EPO decreases and RBC production also decreases in the bone marrow.

After analysing the whole case history, I prescribed 2 months treatment to this patient which included medicines like Lycopodium, Sulphur, Pulsatilla.

I also prescribed SOS medicines for cold cough so that she can take it as and when necessary.

After 2 months we got the tests done again and results were urea 98, creatinine 4.8, uric acid 3.42, ALP-116. Hemoglobin became 9.2 showing dramatic increase.

Patient’s symptoms like breathlessness, weakness got better; even cold and cough problem also decreased.

Knees and heel pain decreased without the need for allopathy.

In this case my management was to keep her away from dialysis and allopathy for acute cold cough, knees and heel pain.

I prescribed homeopathy for acute cold cough, knees, heel pain so that further harm to the kidneys can be prevented and kidneys can recover, and this is what exactly happened in this case.

The results were encouraging, and I am hopeful that we can keep her away from dialysis.

We all know one dialysis costs about ten thousand Indian rupees and one needs at least 2 to 3 dialysis per week.

Apart from cost the discomfort of getting fistula made, the whole process of dialysis; actually, the whole family gets affected.

I hope that I can keep her away from dialysis for a long time and recover the kidneys as much as I can. I do not think in this case kidneys can be recovered fully 100%. Maybe the creatinine level decreases further to 4.

If we are able to stop this from increasing, then we can delay dialysis for a very long time.