Homeopathy is very effective in cases of CKD but along with allopathic treatment.

Some homeopaths are against allopathic treatment along with homeopathy which is wrong and very harmful.

In any stage of CKD homeopathic treatment should be started as soon as possible to avoid complete renal damage.

Patients who are already on dialysis should also start taking systematic homeopathic treatment; by doing this the frequency of dialysis will decrease.

Patients who are waiting for renal transplant should also start taking homeopathy along with allopathic medicines. This can help them delay the urgent need of kidney donor.

Homeopathic treatment also reduces the side effects of allopathic medicines and improves the quality of life.

CCRH Research on CKD: An extensive study on role of homeopathy in kidney cases conducted by CCRH, Govt. of India concluded 3 things:

  1. By taking constitutional homeopathic treatment the kidney function gets better.
  2. Homeopathy can save the patient from going into dialysis and kidney transplant.
  3. With homeopathy we can minimize the side effects caused by chronic dialysis therapy.

My Method of Treating CKD

In chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, first I take the complete case history of the patient including physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Then I analyze it from every angle to choose a constitutional remedy.

These constitutional remedies make the kidneys healthy and deal with the causes which damage kidney.

Along with the homeopathic treatment of CKD I also try to maintain blood sugar and blood pressure levels within normal range. This is my holistic approach in dealing with CKD.

Ayurveda, Herbal, Unani Medicines, and kidney disease

In my medical practice I frequently encounter a question from CKD patients. This question is whether it is safe to take ayurveda, herbal and unani medicines in CKD cases. This is a very important question; let me answer this:

You can use ayurveda, herbal or unani medicines for any disease but these medicines should never be used by kidney patients.

I have seen in my clinical practice that whenever kidney patient takes ayurvedic, herbal or unani medicine for CKD, their creatinine level shoots up and GFR decreases.

The reasons behind this are excess content of heavy metal and crude substances in these medicines because of which kidneys deteriorate. This is the reason that most of the ayurvedic and unani medicines are not allowed in Europe and USA.

Usually, it is seen that some friend or family member advises to take this medicine or that medicine or take this supplement because it has helped them. While this advice may be beneficial for them, but it is very dangerous to a kidney patient.

Number of Remedies

There are around 182 medicines for CKD or chronic renal failure in homeopathy which are quite effective but along with allopathic treatment.

To choose from these 182 medicines a homeopathic physician needs to be highly qualified and experienced because it is a very complicated process.

A qualified doctor will never prescribe remedies only on the name of CKD. He will take the complete case history of the patient, study all the symptoms, properly analyze the information he has gathered, decides upon the potency and repetition keeping in mind the sensitivities and susceptibility of the patient and then prescribes the remedies.

In CKD cases I generally prescribe remedies for a month. Every month I study the case again and finetune the remedies and their potencies.

Nothing is fixed in homeopathic treatment, unlike allopathy in which every patient receives the same treatment. In homeopathy, treatment changes every time according to the feedback of the patient.

Homeopathy is not readymade, it is tailormade. It constantly changes according to the patient.

The treatment of CKD or chronic renal failure in homeopathy is a systematic process which can only be done by an experienced professional homeopath. High level of skill is required to treat CKD cases.

According to me homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended in every case and in every stage of CKD because it improves quality of life and there are absolutely no side effects.