What is Hypothyroidism?

In simple terms, hypothyroidism reduces the ability of the thyroid gland to function, which reduces the production of thyroxine.

Allopathic Treatment

HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) is given world over for hypothyroidism in allopathy. Whether you go to any doctor in the world, he will prescribe you thyroxine no matter what the brand name is.

HRT basically fulfils the thyroxine deficiency which is not produced by the thyroid gland naturally.

Now what happens is as the thyroxine is provided from outside in the form of HRT your thyroid gland becomes sluggish and gradually the thyroid gland further reduces the production of thyroxine. As a result, dependency on HRT increases and its dose also increases.

Homeopathic Treatment

I have seen in my clinical practice, which I have been doing since 1997, that a patient is on thyroxine and his TSH level is normal but even then, he is suffering from hypothyroidism symptoms like weakness of memory, hair fall, dryness of skin and hair, depression, weakness, weight gain, body ache, constipation, irregular menses and so on. This is very surprising, but I see it regularly.

But this does not happen with homeopathic treatment. We give natural homeopathic medicines and not HRT, which stimulate the thyroid gland to produce normal amount of thyroxine.

This way homeopathy treats the root cause of hypothyroidism which is underactive thyroid. With homeopathic medicines underactive thyroid gland becomes better.

I have seen in my clinical practice that after taking complete homeopathic treatment hypothyroidism never develops again. The TSH level starts to decrease gradually within 5 to10 weeks after starting the treatment.

During homeopathic treatment the dose of thyroxine is reduced gradually and finally completely stopped. This all is done keeping in mind the TSH levels.

Who Can Take Homeopathy?

According to me all kinds of hypothyroid patients should take homeopathic treatment like patients who are recently diagnosed and those who are already on HRT, thyroxine.

According to my experience, those patients who are diagnosed recently, we do not let them go on HRT and even if they are on HRT; it is stopped completely with my treatment.

In chronic patients who are already on high dose of HRT we reduce their thyroxine dose and relieve their symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Number of Medicines

There are around 197 medicines in homeopathy for hypothyroidism which are very effective.

Now which of these 197 medicines are to be given, in how much potency, how many times in a day – this is a complicated process which only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can do.

A sensible doctor does not prescribe on the name of the hypothyroidism. He takes complete history of the patient, note down all the symptoms then studies all the physical, mental, emotional symptoms properly. Analyse the case properly. After that he selects the medicine keeping in mind the susceptibility of the patient and decides upon the potency and repetition of medicines.

In hypothyroidism I prescribe for a month and then I review the patient after that. Every month the case is studied again considering the thyroid profile of the patient thereby fine tuning the allopathic and homeopathic medicines and their potencies.

Homeopathy treats hypothyroidism from its roots because our medicines work on thyroid gland by stimulating it to produce normal thyroxine. With homeopathic treatment thyroid gland produces normal thyroxine.

Name of Medicines?

In this blog I have not named any medicines, nor I have promoted medicines of any company; because by doing so I will be playing with your health and may harm you. A sane doctor will never do this!