Friends, today I will discuss a case of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor which is also known as PNET with neuroendocrine liver metastasis also known as NELM.

This patient came to me 9 years ago; at that time her age was 64 years. She was a pleasant lady, very cheerful personality from a rich background and socially very active. She was dressed very elegantly. She was lean, thin, and short heighted.

She told me that one year ago she got her gallbladder removed because there were stones in the gallbladder. The stones were in the gallbladder for almost 20 years and were not giving any kind of problem. But on the behest of surgeons, she got the gallbladder removed one year ago. 

The patient told that 3-4 months ago she started experiencing acidity, burning, pain in abdomen, indigestion, excessive gas, slight jaundice, pain in head which extended from back to front, itching in legs and dermatitis. 

When she consulted the doctors for these concerns, they did a lot of investigations including imaging.

When the investigations were done, it was found that there is a growth in the pancreas of the patient and some patches in the liver.

Biopsy was done which revealed that the patient had pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. When liver biopsy was done, it was found that the patches are metastatic. Diagnosis of neuroendocrine liver metastasis was confirmed.

Patient was advised surgery and after surgery she was advised chemotherapy.

The patient was completely healthy. According to me she should have undergone surgery and chemotherapy. She should have considered homeopathy along with allopathy for dealing with side effects of surgery and chemotherapy and to avoid recurrence of cancer. But the patient denied for both surgery and chemotherapy.

I also advised her to get the surgery and chemotherapy done. I told her that you do not have any problems like BP, diabetes, or any other complications so you can get the surgery and chemotherapy done. I said to her your age is 64, you look healthy you should get the surgery done. Patient refused straight away and wanted me to treat her. 

My advice in cases of cancer is to get the conventional treatment done along with homeopathy. This way results will be better with less chances of recurrence and mitigation of side effects of allopathic treatment. My advice always remains this.

Sometimes allopathic doctors themselves advise patients who are too old and having diabetes, hypertension, and other complications not to get the surgery or chemotherapy done because these patients cannot tolerate surgery or chemotherapy.

Such patients consult us, and we can make their life’s quality and quantity a lot better.

Ultimately, I started the treatment of this patient. During 9 years, I prescribed her various remedies according to the symptoms and problems she faced at different times.

The remedies I used in this case are lycopodium, conium, hydrastis, chelidonium majus, ceonathus americana, phosphorus, lachesis, arsenicum album, pulsatilla and other acute remedies for acute problems.

Within one month, all the symptoms of the patient started getting better. Jaundice got better. One more problem she was facing at that time I forgot to tell you in the starting was loose motions. Slight change in diet resulted in frequent loose motions. After treatment this symptom also got better. Her acidity, burning, indigestion, pain in abdomen, gas all got better. 

It has been nine years since this patient has consulted me but one symptom which comes on and off is pain in abdomen and formation of gas, but this is better than before and troubles less than before.

Patient gets her tests done every year under the guidance of her oncologist.

The pancreatic tumors are not gone but reduced a lot in size and there is no new growth. Patient is totally symptom free. She has no trouble. She is now 73 years of age, totally healthy enjoying her social life. She does not look 73; she looks like not more than 60 years.