“I am suffering from anal fistula which discharges yellow pus with foul smell and soils my under garments. This started one year back with an anal absess which bursted itself and then was dried up with allopathy medicine. At times moist skin around rectum makes a very uncomfortable situation. I am already having high BP for which I take allopathy medicine Amlopres AT.”

Review after 15 days of treatment: “Dear Dr. Rohit the pus discharge from the fistula has reduced up to 60 to 65% and also my itching in the rectum area.”

Review after 5 months of treatment: “I have sucessfully completed the remedies which you suggested. The discharge is more or less around 10-15% only. Please suggest me next course of action. May be the alteration of power of medicine or any thing you think better.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    – Mr.RajMisra


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