3 Simple Tips to Reduce HbA1c (Blood Sugar)

Patients regularly ask me what else they can do to reduce HbA1c apart from taking my remedies. I will not share fancy things but simple ones. I have seen in my practice that these tips are super effective.

  1. Stop sugar in any form. Stop eating sweets. Do not add sugar to anything.
  2. Reduce rice and chapati (bread) to half of what you eat.

For example, if you eat 4 chapatis (bread) in a day then reduce it to 2. If you eat 2 bowls of rice in a day, then reduce it to 1 bowl.

I am not telling you to remain hungry because you can increase vegetables, pulses, and salads in your plate but please reduce potatoes.

  1. Do morning walks regularly for 45 minutes.

Your HbA1c will certainly reduce.