What are the causes of kidney failure or CKD?

There are many reasons of kidney failure, but we would talk about the most common causes.

Diabetes: According to my clinical experience diabetes especially uncontrolled diabetes is one of the most common causes of kidney failure. Diabetes causes diabetic nephropathy.

Extra sugar present in a diabetic patient’s blood is like poison for kidneys. Presence of protein in urine of a diabetic patient is the first sign which tells that problems have started in the kidneys.

High BP or Hypertension: According to me high BP or hypertension is the second common cause of kidney failure. The kidneys bear extra pressure due to high BP and due to which filters of kidneys get damaged.

If a patient has both diabetes and BP, then it is a lethal combination and chances of kidney failure increase manifold.

The third major cause of kidney failure these days is abuse of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines, including pain killers and antibiotics.

Almost all allopathic medicines are nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic. For example, a patient is having diabetes and high BP. He suffers from pain in knee joints or back pain. For this he consults an allopathic doctor, and the doctor prescribes him pain killers. Patient takes these pain killers for 1 to 2 months and his kidneys start failing and creatinine increases.

Another example, patient is having diabetes and he develops a boil on the back which is known as carbuncle. He gets admitted in a hospital. He is given strong antibiotics, pain killers and by the time he comes out of the hospital his kidneys start failing.

According to my understanding a diabetic and high BP patient should consult a good homeopath for any kind of health problem, though he should continue his diabetes and hypertension allopathic medicines. This will save him from allopathic medicines which cause kidney failure.

A sensible homeopathic doctor takes the complete case history of the patient including his mental, physical, and emotional symptoms; and then analyzes this information to write down the prescription.

A reputed homeopath uses best quality German medicines. He never prescribes on the name of a disease. He studies the case properly and then give medicines.

Fourth reason is nephritis or glomerulonephritis.

Polycystic kidney disease which usually runs in families.

Renovascular Disease: In this, arteries supplying blood to kidneys get blocked.

Chronic Pyelonephritis.

Obstructive Nephropathy: In this there is obstruction in urine flow. This obstruction can be due to stone, stricture, in females due to pelvic cancer and in males due to prostate enlargement.