If a CKD patient starts taking homeopathic treatment in the early stages, take care of their diet, avoid taking unnecessary medicines, do regular walk or exercise; then I have seen that the reason for their death is not CKD, and they also live long and healthy life.

Heart disease in CKD patients

I have seen that majority of CKD patients die of heart disease. In the early stages of CKD heart gets damaged, but we do not realize it.

There are 4 reasons behind the heart damage:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Anemia
  3. Fluid overload or accumulation of water in the body
  4. Accumulation of waste products in the body like urea, creatinine

This heart damage cannot be repaired by dialysis and kidney transplant, which are usually done during the later stages of the CKD treatment. But a knowledgeable homeopathic doctor understands this and cares for the patient’s heart from starting.

It is very important for the CKD patients to take care of their health by eating fresh and healthy diet with minimum salt.

To control diabetes and blood pressure allopathic medicines for diabetes and blood pressure should be taken regularly and religiously. CKD patients should never stop their allopathic medicines for diabetes and blood pressure.

Take care of hemoglobin level, and accumulation of the fluid should be avoided in the body. Restrict water intake to avoid fluid overload.

Quit smoking completely.

Alcohol can be taken but in small amounts on and off.

CKD patient should do regular walk and exercise to keep their heart and muscles strong.

Living longer with dialysis

If your kidneys are damaged 90% then most probably you must be on dialysis, or you will need transplant.

When you start having dialysis you will feel better, but you must understand that you need to do other additional things which will help you live healthy and long.

Dialysis removes excess water and excess waste material from the body. But there are other functions of kidney; that is why when kidney fails you develop all kinds of problems. Your blood pressure rises, cholesterol increases, hemoglobin level decreases and you get anemic. 

Imbalance in calcium and potassium causes pain in bones.

During dialysis taking homeopathic treatment can control these problems to a greater extent.

During dialysis CKD patient should take healthy diet with low fat and salt.

Kindly avoid fatty rich fast food and packed food items because they are loaded with lots of fat and salt.

Water should be restricted and drink only when you feel thirsty.

Patients who are already on dialysis should eat small meals regularly. Instead of 3 meals a day they should have 6 small meals.

Eat fruits sparingly so that potassium level remains under control.

Carbohydrate food can be eaten in excess if diabetes is not present.

Why low salt diet in CKD?

A CKD patient should avoid salt or take less salt.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Most of the CKD patients suffer from high blood pressure and avoiding salt keeps the blood pressure in control.
  2. By eating salty food thirst increases which in turn increases body fluid.

Dangerous diets for CKD patients

CKD patients should not take any kind of vitamin or mineral supplements and any health food products without the advice of their doctor. CKD patients should avoid any diet which causes nutrient imbalance in the body.

These days some dietitians are giving fancy diets to their patients for detoxifying body or for reducing weight. For example, protein diet, carbohydrate diet, ketogenic diet, macrobiotic diet, fruit diet, body building diet, very low-calorie diet and so on.

These diets are very dangerous for CKD patients as well as for public. People should strictly avoid these kinds of diets and dietitians who advise these.

Low protein diet in CKD

According to me there is no important role of low protein diet in CKD.

In a study which took place in USA it was found that there is no use of low protein diet in CKD cases.

Most of the CKD patients cannot eat everything because of which their nutritional needs remain unfulfilled. Weight loss happens due to inadequate intake of nutrients, and they become malnourished. If low protein diet is recommended to a CKD patient, then this problem becomes serious.