What is otitis media?

The ear has three parts: the outer ear, which is visible from outside, middle ear and inner ear.

Inflammation of the middle ear is known as otitis media. This inflammation can happen because of viruses, bacteria, fungus.

In otitis media, behind the ear drum, pus, fluid, swelling occurs.

Frequently otitis media can happen because of cold, cough, tonsillitis, adenoids inflammation, sinusitis, rhinitis.

Symptoms of Otitis Media

  1. Ear pain, fever, difficulty in hearing, irritability, ear discharge
  2. Other symptoms like sore throat, cold, cough, nasal congestion, fullness of ear, ringing in ear, loss of appetite.

Homeopathy Treatment

I have seen in my clinical practice, which I have been doing since 1997, that patients of otitis media who consult us are generally chronic cases or recurrent otitis media cases.

According to me, only classical constitutional homeopathic treatment can treat otitis media effectively.

Homeopathy treatment improves the general immunity of the patient.

There are no antibiotics in homeopathy. Our treatment corrects the weakness of immune system in recurrent and chronic otitis media cases.

This creates an environment in the body that does not allow the virus, bacteria, fungus to grow and sustain; and the problem of otitis media gets cured.

Also, homeopathy is safe, natural, gentle and with no side effects.

Number of Medicines

There are around 67 medicines in homeopathy for otitis media.

Now which of these medicines are to be given, in how much potency, how many times in a day – this is a complicated process which only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can do.

A sensible doctor never prescribes on the name of the disease otitis media. He takes the complete history of the patient; then studies his symptoms properly.

After this, he selects the medicines keeping in mind the susceptibility of the patient and decides upon the potency and repetition of medicines.

“Homeopathy is not readymade, it is tailormade.”

While treating otitis media I prescribe for one month and then review the patient.

Every month the case is studied again, thereby finetuning the medicines and their potencies.

How much improvement you get in otitis media depends upon your choice of doctor. These days KYC is done in banks; I think patients should also do KYD – Know Your Doctor.

Name of Medicines?

Friends, in this blog I have not named any medicines, nor I have promoted medicines of any company; because by doing so I will be playing with your health and may harm you. A sane doctor will never do this.