Friends, today we will talk about treatment of vitiligo naturally with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Treatment

According to homeopathic philosophy vitiligo is not just a skin disease but it is an external manifestation of the internal derangement of the body.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which body’s own immune system starts working against the melanocytes and destroys them.

Homeopathic medicines correct this disturbance of the immune system and reduce the spread of white patches and also repigmentation starts.

In cases of vitiligo only classical constitutional homeopathic treatment work.

Patients should avoid readymade patent medicines because they don’t work and also in many cases increase the problem.

Vitiligo is a chronic condition and it takes time to improve.Patients should keep this in mind and should cooperate with the doctor.

According to my experience some improvement starts within 2 to 3 months of treatment.

Other treatments which are available in conventional system are steroids, sun exposure, ultraviolet radiations but these are temporary and have side effects like skin allergy, acne, scarring, cataract, liver damage, nausea, weight gain, brittle bones and so on.

But homeopathy treats vitiligo permanently and that also without any side effects.

I have seen in my practice that vitiligo increases due to anxiety, depression and mental stress;so during treatment of vitiligo I make it a point to treat these problems.

A vitiligo patient should avoid non vegetarian food, sour food, food containing colors & preservatives and junk food.

Number of Medicines

There are around 33 medicines in homeopathy for vitiligo which are very effective.

Now which of these medicines are to be given, in how much potency, how many times in a day – this is a complicated process which only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can do.

A sensible doctor never prescribes on the name of the disease ‘Vitiligo’. He takes complete history of the patient, then studies his symptoms properly.

After that he selects the medicines keeping in mind the susceptibility of the patient and decides upon the potency and repetition of medicines.

In vitiligo, I prescribe for one month and then review the patient after that. Every month the case is studied again thereby finetuning the medicines and their potencies.

Nothing is fixed in homeopathic treatment, and remedies change according to the condition of the patient. As I always say, “homeopathy is not readymade, it is tailormade” and the treatment constantly changes according to the situation of the patient.

How much improvement you get in vitiligo depends upon your choice of doctor. These days KYC is done in banks and mutual funds; I think patients should also do KYD – Know your doctor.

Name of Medicines?

Friends I have not named any medicines, nor I have promoted medicines of any company; because by doing so I will be playing with your health and may harm you. A sane doctor will never do this.