Many of my patients ask me, “What is the right way to take homeopathic medicines”.

I will explain this question in 3 parts because basically homeopathic medicines are of 3 types.

  1. Liquid potencies like 30c, 200c, 1M and so on.
  2. Liquid mother tinctures in which ᶿ (theta) or Q is mentioned after the name of medicine.
  3. Biochemic tablets like 3x, 6x, 12x and so on.

How to Take Liquid Potencies 30c, 200c, 1M

Liquid potencies should always be taken in the form of pills or globules.

In 1 drachm pills 4 drops of liquid potency should be added and in 2 drachm pills 8 drops of liquid potency should be added.

Number of pills to be taken and their frequency like daily, weekly, and monthly will be decided by your doctor.

One should not eat or drink anything for minimum 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after taking the medicated pills; even toothpaste should be avoided but you may drink water.

These pills should be sucked slowly on the tongue and not to be chewed.

These pills should not be touched and taken only in the lid.

Many homeopathic doctors advise their patients to stop taking raw onion, coffee and strong-smelling substances while taking homeopathic medicines.

But according to me this is unnecessary because of the following reasons:

These restrictions were okay in the past when a doctor used to give only one dose in a month with a lot of restrictions for the patient to follow.

These days because of change in lifestyle, we doctors give multiple doses daily so that there is no need to follow these cumbersome restrictions.

If one dose gets antidoted because of any reason, then the subsequent dose will do the required work.

Now I will tell you one important thing, please read it carefully.

These days many doctors give liquid potencies straight on to the tongue or ask patients to take it in water; this is totally wrong.

This can aggravate the symptoms and disturb the patient’s sensitivities towards the remedies.

So, friends the only right way to take liquid potencies is to take them in pills or globules.

How to Take Liquid Mother Tinctures ᶿ (theta) or Q

As I have already told you in liquid mother tincture ᶿ (theta) or Q sign is mentioned after the name of the medicine.

Mother tinctures are basically like herbal medicines. They have taste, odor as well as color.

Mother tinctures should be taken by mixing it in a small amount of water.

This medicated water should be taken just before, during or after food.

The idea is that it should get mixed with the food in the stomach.

If taken empty stomach mother tincture may irritate the stomach lining.

The dose and frequency of mother tincture will be decided by your doctor.

How to Take Biochemic Tablets 3x, 6x 12x

The way to take biochemic tablets is exactly same as that of the pills or globules made of liquid potencies.

I want to add something here which I forgot to mention before:

  1. Morning dose of medicated pills can be taken empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  2. If patients are already taking allopathic or ayurvedic medicines, then also they can take homeopathic medicines but with a minimum gap of 20 minutes.