“Virus & bacteria are not the cause of the disease but are the end product of the disease process.”

What this means is that virus & bacteria come into picture in the last stage of the disease process; they come in the end.

Understand this carefully; first our body gets weak, it gets ill from inside, the immune system gets susceptible to virus & bacteria; and then the virus & bacteria can attack us and affect us. The virus & bacteria come in the end.

What we understand here is that we do not get sick due to virus & bacteria because virus & bacteria are in millions around us and inside us.

So, first we get ill from inside, our immune system gets weak, and then the virus & bacteria can invade our body.

This makes us conclude that we can’t escape virus & bacteria by killing them because they are in millions and millions around us.

Nor we can isolate ourselves from virus & bacteria because they are everywhere, even in exceptionally clean places like Europe.

There is only and only one way to escape virus, bacteria, fungus. And that is correcting our immune system.

When we can achieve this, virus, bacteria, fungus can’t affect us; though they may be around us or inside us because virus, bacteria are around and inside us.

Immunity & Homeopathy

Before we discuss about homeopathy let us first understand – What is the treatment of virus, bacteria in allopathy.

Generally, allopathic medicines like antibiotics try to kill the virus & bacteria. But many virus & bacteria have become antibiotic resistant; they are becoming increasing smart.

Now, let’s understand about homeopathy.

We don’t have antibiotics in homeopathy; but our medicines create an environment in the body in which virus & bacteria are not able to sustain and affect us.

This is achieved by correcting the weakness & derangement of the immune system.

This type of treatment is known as classical constitutional treatment; it removes the susceptibility of the patient towards the disease and the patient is saved from even diseases which may come in future.

Treatment done in this way is not only curative but also preventive.

Autoimmune Diseases & Homeopathy

Now, we will understand about autoimmune diseases and homeopathy.

Efficient working of immune system is especially important to deal with infectious diseases due to virus, bacteria, fungus.

But efficient working of immune system is also important to deal with autoimmune diseases because autoimmune diseases are more common these days.

In autoimmune disease your own immunity starts working against your own body.

I will give some common examples:

  1. In hypothyroidism, your immunity starts working against your thyroid gland.
  2. In diabetes, your immunity starts working against your pancreas.
  3. In arthritis, your immunity starts working against your joints.
  4. In psoriasis, your immunity starts working against your skin.
  5. In Sarcoidosis, your immunity starts working against your lungs and connective tissues.
  6. In multiple sclerosis, your immunity starts working against your nervous system.

In allopathy, autoimmune diseases are treated with steroids, immunomodulators, biologicals, hormones.

We all know about the long-term side effects of these medicines.

In addition, these medicines suppress the immune system. This makes the body susceptible to virus, bacteria, fungus, and they can affect us easily.

But in homeopathy we give medicines which correct the derangement of the immune system, and the patient’s immunity stops working against him or her.

It is a difficult job to do this type of treatment, and in my opinion only a highly skilled doctor can do this.

This type of treatment also antidotes the side effects of suppressive medicines taken before.

While selecting medicines patient’s emotional and mental symptoms are also considered.

This type of treatment greatly improves the physical, mental, and emotional health of the patient.

To treat autoimmune diseases a doctor gives a series of medicines over a period. Because these diseases are in layers which need to be treated one by one.

With such treatment disease recurrence is avoided.

Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, uses the sentence, “Rapid, Gentle & Permanent Recovery” for such type of treatment.

Such type of treatment makes the patient strong from inside, and saves the patient from autoimmune diseases as well as dangerous bacteria, virus.

To learn more about immunity & homeopathy you can read the book “Organon of Medicine” by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.