In my clinical practice many patients ask a question that why homeopathic remedies first aggravate the problem. My answer to this question is – It is a myth and a false statement.

There are many reasons for aggravation of symptoms after taking homeopathic medicines:

  1. A doctor has given the medicine without taking the proper case history and without analysing it. For example, I have seen that some doctors prescribe the medicines only on the name of the disease, they do not consider taking and analysing the case history of the patient and do not care about the sensitivity and susceptibility of the patient. Medicine prescribed this way increases the problem of the patient and damages the health. It is very dangerous, and a sane doctor will never do this.
  2. A doctor has prescribed a high potency without considering the susceptibility of the patient for example if 30 potency medicine is required the doctor has given the 200 or 1M.
  3. A doctor has repeated the dose too frequently. For example, medicine which is generally prescribed once in a week or month has been prescribed daily.
  4. Most of the patients turn to homeopathy because they want to get rid of their allopathic treatment. Some homoeopathic doctors advise their patients to stop allopathic medicines completely while taking homeopathic medicine which is a wrong practice and because of which disease symptoms of the patient aggravates.  For example, if a patient is on steroids for quite a long time and if the steroids are stopped immediately then the disease symptoms of the patient will increase in both intensity and severity.

So, friends if your symptoms aggravate after taking homeopathic medicines that means your doctor has made some mistake while prescribing medicine and he needs to fine tune the prescription. So, it is a myth that homeopathy first aggravates the disease. 

Friends today I have explained you that the myth is totally wrong that homeopathy first aggravates the complaints.