I have seen in my clinical practice that cancer patients who are getting chemotherapy worry a lot about their hair fall. 

These patients want homeopathic intervention from me to control their hair fall.

During chemotherapy cytotoxic drugs are prescribed which leads to hair fall. If hair fall does not happen, then hair thinning is inevitable during chemotherapy.

Some cytotoxic drugs can cause total hair loss from body. Usually, it is seen that when hair grow back on body their color changes, they become curly or become totally straight.

There are remedies in homeopathy which can prevent hair fall due to chemotherapy.

How to control hair fall during chemotherapy?

  1. To control hair fall I prescribe homeopathic remedies to my cancer patients.
  2. Patients are advised to treat their hair gently.
  3. They should not dye their hair during chemotherapy.
  4. Patients are advised not to perm their hair.
  5. Do not use hot hair dryer.
  6. Do not use heated roller on hairs.
  7. Patients should not do hard hair brushing; they should softly brush their hairs.