Most people believe that homeopathic medicines do not have side effects; and due to this belief, they self-medicate by reading somewhere, by hearing someone, by listening to so called YouTube doctors who sell and abuse medicines.  

What are side effects?

First, we need to understand what exactly side effects mean. What is the definition of side effects?

For example, a doctor has prescribed the right medicine, but that medicine has some uncomfortable signs and symptoms. These uncomfortable signs and symptoms are side effects. The most important thing in this is doctor is giving you the right medicine. 

Take an example, a patient goes to a heart specialist for his raised cholesterol and the heart specialist prescribes him statins which is a right medicine but still statin is known to cause side effects such as body ache, pain in abdomen and indigestion. So here heart specialist is giving the right medicine, but it still has some side effects.

Now we will discuss about homeopathy. There are no side effects of homeopathy if a homeopathic doctor is giving you the right medicine. So, friends the most important thing is that the medicine should be right.

So, friends in allopathy you are having right medicine but then also you will have some side effects but in homeopathy if you are taking the right medicine then there will be no side effects. But you need to keep in mind that you are given the right medicines.

Right Doctor = Right Homeopathic Medicine.

Now I will tell you how a right homeopathic medicine is prescribed.

To prescribe a right medicine a homeopath should be an expert because this is a very difficult work. In homeopathy there are hundreds of medicines for a single disease and which medicine is to be given in which potency and how many times in a day is an art and highly skillful job.

An expert homeopath takes a complete case history of every patient, analyze that case history properly and then keeping in mind the sensitivity of the patient chooses the medicines, their potency and decides on the duration.

Medicines chosen in this way improves every problem of the patient and that also without any side effects. This process is known as constitutional treatment.

A sensible doctor never prescribes the medicines only on the name of the disease because he knows that he will harm the patient by doing so. A sensible doctor never uses patent readymade homeopathic medicines.

Patent homeopathic medicines are those which are sold on the name of the disease. Homeopathic cough syrup as an example, if you look carefully at its label, then 5 -7 medicines have been mixed in it.

In homeopathy, there are at least 500 medicines for cough, now your cough syrup may not have any medicine according to your cough or have only 1-2 medicines and rest been of no use; in such a situation you are taking medicines which do not suit you and should not be taken, such medicines will harm you. So, friends these are not side effects of medicines but a wrong prescription. 

Because the medicine you have taken is not given after proper study, it is just a mixture, you have been given.

A good homeopathic doctor does not use patent homeopathic medicines instead medicines are prescribed and dispensed according to the history of the patient.

So, friends today I have told you that there are no side effects of homeopathy if the medicine is given after thorough study of the case. As I always say ‘homeopathy is not readymade it is tailormade.

It is my request that beware of doctors who do not listen to you and prescribe medicines without case study.