Today we will discuss about serum creatinine level. Basically, I will tell you how much creatinine level is equal to how much kidney failure.

In the early stages of CKD, no visible signs and symptoms appear in the patient. The reason for this is failing kidneys do a lot of overwork to excrete waste products and extra water from the body; and due to this the patient does not realize that his kidneys are failing rapidly.

On the other hand, the body is also adapting itself to manage the high level of toxins and high level of water.

How to measure kidney function

The most important test to measure kidney function is serum creatinine level.

The normal level of creatinine in the blood is approximately 0.6 to 1.2 milligrams per deciliter in adult males and 0.5 to 1.1 milligrams per deciliter in adult females.

If your creatinine level is more than 1.2 mg/dl, it means your kidneys are not working properly.

When your CKD gets diagnosed depends upon when you start experiencing the signs and symptoms; because most people get the tests done only when signs and symptoms start appearing.

How much creatinine level = How much kidney failure

  1. If your creatinine level is 1.5 then 75% of kidneys are working normally; meaning 25% kidneys are failed. But you will feel good, and no signs and symptoms will appear. This is the best time to start homeopathic treatment; with homeopathic treatment the level of creatinine can be reduced or stopped from further progressing; or slowing down the speed of its progression depending upon patient to patient.
  2. When the creatinine level is around 2 then 50% of kidneys are working; meaning 50% kidneys are failed. Now also maximum people have no problem in any way.
  3. When the creatinine level is 3.5 then 25% of your kidneys are working normally which means 75% kidneys are failed. Now the signs and symptoms are clearly visible for example anemia, renal bone disease and so on.
  4. When the creatinine level is 5 then only 10% of kidneys are working normally which means 90% kidneys are failed. Now the patient looks ill.
  5. When the creatinine level is 6 to 8 then only 5% of kidneys are working which means 95% of kidneys are failed. Now the patient is feeling very ill. This is the time when dialysis is required or may be renal transplant is required.

I have seen in my clinical practice that at what creatinine level the patient gets what symptoms; this varies from patient to patient.

Some patients start showing signs and symptoms at creatinine level 2; and some patients do not show signs and symptoms even at creatinine level 7. With our homeopathic treatment patients having high creatinine level remain symptom free.

Why am I still passing urine if I have CKD?

Patients generally ask me if our kidneys are failed then why are we passing urine.

Urine is formed by two things water and waste material, how much urine you pass only shows how much water is expelled from the body. It does not tell you how much waste material is expelled.

CKD patient passes normal urine, but the amount of waste product is quite less in it; this is because waste products start accumulating in the blood. Now if the blood is tested, serum creatinine & urea appear elevated.