This male patient aged 40 years came to me about 4 years ago for the treatment of alopecia areata.

Patient said that he has been suffering from bald spots for last 3 years.

He added that he is suffering from severe hair fall in general also; and the bald spots are increasing both in size and number.

Patient got steroid injections on the scalp but without any benefit.

I noticed brown spots on patient’s face which is known as melasma.

He also said that he has hemorrhoids which protrude during stool and there is bleeding.

Patient complained of severe itching due to hemorrhoids in the anal region.

He said that he has constipation and frequent urging for stool.

He added that his thirst is less, and he desires cold water.

He perspires less and feels cold more. 

There are 176 medicines for alopecia areata in homeopathy.

I chose Graphites in this case and prescribed it as and when required.

It took me one year to completely recover this patient.

After 3 months of treatment new spots stopped and gradually with continued treatment regrowth of hair started and patient recovered completely.

Along with alopecia patient’s piles problem also got cured with my treatment.

Numerous doctors and medical students follow our website. For their knowledge I would like to share the reason for choosing Graphites.

If you will study materia medica then you will find that Graphites covers hair fall, bald spots, hemorrhoids, itching due to hemorrhoids and lack of vital heat strongly.

These symptoms were quite strong in the patient also.

Apart from this, Graphites also covers rest of the symptoms to a greater extent.