This female patie

nt whose age was about 55 years, came to me about one year ago for the treatment of white spots on skin; also called vitiligo.

Patient said that about 4 years ago she had fever and doctors were not able to diagnose the cause.

Patient had this fever for about 2 years, and she had to take a lot of antibiotics and fever reducing medicines.

Fever was cured, but the patient noticed that she started developing small white spots on the skin. Gradually the number and size of these white spots kept on increasing.

The patient consulted a skin specialist who prescribed steroid medicines, orally and for local application.

Despite this treatment, the patient’s white spots did not come under control, and she thought of consulting a homeopath.

During case history session with me, the patient said that she feels very less thirsty.

She gets burps after eating food.

Flushing of heat from hands and feet.

The patient also said that for about one year she also has itching in the skin.

The patient’s BP was border line.

There are 33 medicines for vitiligo in homeopathy.

Now from these 33 medicines which medicine is to be given, in what potency and how many times in a day is decided by a good homeopathic doctor after complete analysis of the case history.

According to me, in this case the most important symptom was that the vitiligo problem started after long continued use of allopathic antibiotics and fever medicines.

Keeping this in mind and keeping in mind the general symptoms of the patient, I prescribed homeopathic medicine Sepia.

After which the patient’s white spots started decreasing gradually and in about 1 year the patient was completely cured.

Other symptoms of the patient like burps, heat flushing, skin itching also got cured.

This kind of overall healing occurs because homeopathy is a holistic treatment and cures the patient as a whole.