This Thirty year old male patient came to me about 4 years ago.

Patient’s height was about five feet, and he was slightly overweight.

He said he has got warts on scrotum for about 3 years which are increasing gradually.

Warts were of skin colour and of rounded shape.

Apart from this, the patient said that he gets on and off vesicular eruptions on the skin, which have itching.

There was melasma on the face and he also had a problem of acne.

He told me that he also gets a little more than normal gas problem.

The patient liked to drink cold chilled water and his tongue was coated white.

There are 49 medicines for genital warts in homeopathy.

Now from these 49 medicines which medicine has to be given, in what potency and how many times in a day is decided by a good homeopathic doctor after analysis of complete history of the patient.

In this case along with scrotal warts, skin eruptions, melasma, acne, gas problem and general symptoms of the patient like desire for cold water, white coated tongue have to be considered so that effective prescription can be made. 

I used the homeopathic medicine Acid nitricum in this case as and when needed.

It took me six months to completely heal the scrotum warts.

Along with warts, skin eruptions, melasma, acne were also healed.

This holistic improvement is possible only with classical constitutional homeopathic treatment.