This 24 years old male

patient came to me 2 years back.

He said that his problem of HPV started fifteen days after getting a body massage at a spa.

He immediately consulted a dermatologist who removed his warts from glans penis and urethra by freezing.

But after 2 months warts came back and that too bigger and more than before.

Patient also told that he has a problem of fungal infection between the thighs and around the anus due to which there is a lot of itching.

This problem is known as tinea cruris medically.

Patient has gas problem also.

Patient said that he gets pimples on the scalp from which discharge occurs.

Patient has skin tags in the armpits.

Now we will discuss constitutional symptoms of the patient.

Patient perspires a lot; he likes chilled water; he likes chicken & non veg in food.

He feels heat more.

He said that he gets angry on small things.

Friends, there are 49 homeopathic medicines for genital warts.

Now from these 49 medicines which medicine has to be given, in what potency and how many times in a day is decided by a good homeopathic doctor after complete analysis of the history.

In this case it is very important to consider all the symptoms to make an effective prescription like genital warts, suppression of warts, tinea cruris, pimples on scalp, skin tags and gas.

Apart from this, general symptoms like profuse sweat; desire for cold water, chicken, nonveg; intolerance to heat; angered easily – all these symptoms should be considered.

I used homeopathic medicine Sulphur to heal this patient.

The patient was asked to apply a mixture of thuja and calendula gel as external application.

Improvement in warts started within 2 months and it took me ten months to remove the warts completely.

Along with HPV, all other symptoms got better.