IBS is also known as irritable bowel syndrome.

IBS is a chronic condition in which there is recurrent abdominal pain, discomfort, distension; and an altered bowel habit which may be diarrhea or constipation.

Interestingly all tests and investigations are normal.

It is the most common problem of the digestive system.

I have seen that IBS disturbs patient’s life. Patient’s weight also reduces.

Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks trigger this problem.

In IBS bowels become oversensitive.

According to recent research it is a psychosomatic problem.

Allopathic treatment provides only temporary relief in cases of IBS.

If a patient takes allopathic treatment for long, then he suffers from various side effects.

In the end the patient is referred to a psychiatrist who prescribes anti depression and anti anxiety drugs.

Homeopathic Treatment 

Generally chronic IBS patients consult us after taking a lot of allopathic treatment.

Patient is affected physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As all the investigations are normal in IBS so it is very important to understand the patient’s symptoms. 

In cases of IBS only classical constitutional homeopathic treatment works.

Apart from treating physical problems our treatment helps in balancing mental and emotional situation of the patient.

According to me while choosing the medicines in cases of IBS it is very important to consider the aggravating factors.

The frequency and severity of symptoms decreases gradually with homeopathy.

It takes about 1-2 years to completely cure this problem.

Homeopathy is safe, natural, gentle and there are no side effects.

Number of Medicines

There are around 127 medicines in homeopathy for IBS which are amazingly effective.

Now which of these medicines are to be given, in how much potency, how many times in a day – this is a complicated process which only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can do.

A sensible doctor never prescribes on the name of the disease IBS. He takes complete history of the patient, then studies his symptoms properly.

After this, he selects the medicines keeping in mind the susceptibility of the patient and decides upon the potency and repetition of medicines.

While treating IBS I prescribe for one month and then review the patient after that. Every month the case is studied again thereby finetuning the medicines and their potencies.

“Homeopathy is not readymade, it is tailormade.”

Name of Medicines?

Friends, in this blog I have not named any medicines, nor I have promoted medicines of any company; because by doing so I will be playing with your health and may harm you. A sane doctor will never do this.