This 22 years old female patient came to me about 3 years ago for the treatment of piles.

The patient said that she has been suffering from piles for 2 months and her piles also swell in between.

The patient said that she gets bright red color bleeding during stool.

After stool there is severe pain in the rectum and anal area.

She said that she has been suffering from constipation for last one year and stool gets hard on and off.

Patient added that she produces more gas than normal.

She further added that she gets breathless easily.

She has craving for eating earth, cold things, and junk food.

Friends, there are 278 medicines for piles in homeopathy.

Out of these 278 medicines I chose Acidum nitricum in this case and prescribed it to the patient from time to time whenever needed.

The patient’s complaints started getting better from the very first month of treatment and it took 7 months to heal her completely.

Along with piles, the patient’s constipation and breathlessness were also cured.

Many doctors, medical students also follow this website.

For the sake of their knowledge, let me tell you why I chose Acidum nitricum.

You will all agree that patient’s symptoms are covered by many medicines.

But the most peculiar symptom in this case is craving for eating earth.

If you study materia medica, you will see that this symptom is strongly covered in Acidum nitricum along with other symptoms of the patient.

So, I chose Acidum nitricum with confidence.