This female patient came to me 4 years ago and said that she has been suffering from vagina and vulvar warts for the last one year.

Patient got these warts cauterized twice from a dermatologist, but warts reoccurred and increased in number.

Due to cauterization vulvar and vaginal skin became unsightly and scarred. 

Dermatologist advised biopsy for further investigation in which HPV came positive.

Patient shared few photos of lesion area with me in which smooth, fleshy and polyp like warts were seen.

Patient was aged 27 years and was also suffering from PCOD.

Due to PCOD she was suffering from unwanted hair on face, chest, and abdomen.

Her face and scalp were oily and she had acne problem.

Patient reported hair fall, dandruff, and leucorrhea (white discharge).

Patient’s thirst is very less.

Banana and ginger causes constipation.

Patient informed about history of fissure.

Patient said that she sweats less but her sweat is offensive.

Patient said she is sensitive to cold weather.

Friends, there are 49 medicines for genital warts in homeopathy.

Now which of these medicines are to be given, in which potency and how many times a day – all this is decided by a sensible doctor after analyzing the complete history of the patient.

In this case an effective prescription can be prepared only after considering PCOD, fissure, leucorrhea, and general symptoms of the patient along with genital warts.

I used Phosphorus in this case and prescribed it as and when required.

It took me 10 months to completely cure this patient.

Within 2 months of treatment, the size of the warts started getting smaller and new warts stopped erupting.

Along with warts, the problem of PCOD and leucorrhea (white discharge) also resolved. 

Today the patient is healthy, and she is happily married.