What is Laryngitis?

Larynx is also known as voice box because it helps us to talk. Larynx holds the vocal cords.

In laryngitis, vocal cords become inflamed.

Acute laryngitis occurs for a short duration; and it gets better quickly with treatment.

If acute laryngitis continues for more than a month it converts into chronic laryngitis.

Common Causes of Chronic Laryngitis

  1. Excessive use of voice in polluted environment
  2. Recurrent attacks of acute laryngitis
  3. Heavy tobacco smoking
  4. Alcohol abuse
  5. Mouth breathing due to nasal obstruction
  6. Acid reflux
  7. Paralysis of vocal cords
  8. Cancer of vocal cords
  9. Tumors of vocal cords
  10. Chronic Sinusitis

Symptoms of Laryngitis

  1. Sore throat
  2. Dry throat
  3. Dry cough
  4. Constant urge to clear throat
  5. Pain while swallowing
  6. Difficulty in speaking
  7. Hoarseness and loss of voice

Allopathic Treatment

When a chronic laryngitis patient consults an allopathic doctor, he prescribes antiallergics, antibiotics, corticosteroids.

But the problem is these medicines have serious side effects and patient cannot take them for longer duration.

Homeopathic Treatment

I have seen in my clinical practice that only classical constitutional homeopathic treatment works in chronic laryngitis.

It is a difficult and time-consuming process, but this is what works.

It is very important to eliminate root cause of chronic laryngitis.

For example, smoking should be stopped, alcohol should be stopped, singing should be stopped.

If a patient has GERD, then along with laryngitis it is very important to treat GERD also.

I have seen that on starting our medicines patient’s pain in throat, hoarseness, tickling sensation, roughness, dry cough start getting better.

Homeopathic treatment boosts the immune system of the body and saves patient from frequent allergies and infections.

According to my experience it takes around 6 to 8 months for complete cure of chronic laryngitis.

Number of Medicines

There are around 161 medicines in homeopathy for laryngitis which are amazingly effective.

Now which of these medicines are to be given, in how much potency, how many times in a day – this is a complicated process which only a highly qualified and experienced doctor can do.

A sensible doctor never prescribes on the name of the disease laryngitis. He takes complete history of the patient, then studies his symptoms properly.

After this, he selects the medicines keeping in mind the susceptibility of the patient and decides upon the potency and repetition of medicines.

While treating laryngitis I prescribe for one month and then review the patient after that. Every month the case is studied again thereby finetuning the medicines and their potencies.

Nothing is fixed in homeopathic treatment; remedies change according to the condition of the patient.

Name of Medicines?

Friends, in this blog I have not named any medicines, nor I have promoted medicines of any company; because by doing so I will be playing with your health and may harm you. A sane doctor will never do this.

7 Simple Tips for Laryngitis or Hoarseness – Diet & Lifestyle

  1. Do not talk. Give rest to your voice.
  2. Drink honey ginger tea at least twice a day.
  3. Eat semisolid food.
  4. Avoid cold food and drinks.
  5. Do not eat sour food and drinks.
  6. Quit alcohol and smoking.
  7. Take steam inhalation.